Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Moving To a New Location. Hope You'll Come Visit.

It has been forever since I posted here. And I'm starting to realize that this is a frequent theme. Me hopping on to share something and then disappearing for months.

I suppose the truth of it is that I'm growing and changing. (I'm now the mom of two and the Chicklet who made her debut here at 2.5 is now a full grown kid.) I've learned a lot in the five years I've been sporadically blogging. No surprise then that I'm feeling the need to do something different.

And so I'm transitioning to a new blog that I hope you'll check out.

Follow me to Wrylie Smiley where I'll continue my optimistic screenwriting/producing journey (finally heading into pre-production on one of these bad girl projects, huzzah) and root for me to dodge the slings and arrows the entertainment biz hurls my way.

And for those of you who hung around here to the end. Thanks.

See you on the interwebs, my babies.

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